Our Legal Standing

Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019, registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

It aspires to build stories around “Joy for Everyone” by practicing the values of collective philanthropy and by maintaining utmost transparency in order to achieve it.

Our Solitary Vision

Our vision is to ensure that we do our bit to free the world of gloom, sorrow, deprivation, pessimism, and pain by inducing small positive moments to bring joy in the world. And we would go to any extent to achieve that, irrespective of geographical boundaries, religion, age, color or need. Our giving would be completely unbiased, non- religious and non-political.

Our Philosophy

Millions of non-profits, volunteers, and government initiatives are engaged in solving issues of hunger, clothing, food, medical care, shelter, skill enhancement and education, but there is still so much sorrow and distress in the world which we all witness each day. And that’s where we intend to play a substantial part and fill this big void with our own little efforts.
Every grief and neglect has a story and we hear these stories of sorrow, pain, illiteracy, unemployment, lack of resources and medical needs emerging from everywhere. Where do these stories come from and then quickly fade away, only to be replaced by a newer story; they probably die while seeking attention, only a few manage to survive by some acts of kindness. Every such story needs a hero to rescue them at the right time and transform their life and spread joy.

How are we different?

Well not exactly from the objective standpoint but most certainly from the mechanism point of view. We intend to bring more proximity and be more integrated with the idea of the `Joy of Giving’ and joy it brings when we make a change to a deprived life. We intend to involve society’s influential people to engage with us in this process. We intend to make people aware of the joys around them, which we simply neglect, and associate these joys with the ‘Joy of Giving’. We must understand that our happiness multiplies when we share it with others. The positivity that we spread surely comes back. So along with the happiness of the receiver we also care about the happiness of the donor.

And we plan to do this by imbibing specialized technology and modern social media tools to increase our reach and to bring more transparency and accountability in the giving process and impacting it with judicious use of donors’ money. No matter how little one contributes, we will treat every amount with respect, spend every essence of it and be equally accountable for transparency to every donor.

Yes, it is no doubt a huge task. And we have an apt management and advisory board to help us achieve that selflessly. The people behind Joy Story are all educated, well-settled professionals from different walks of life with one aspect in common - a passion for spreading joy.

We want to create a joyful world around us and impact lives. Do partner with us if you feel we have a convincing, compelling story to tell and you intend to be one of the many potential heroes who can transform these stories along with us.

Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019