Distribution of Stationery Kits to Kids of Different Age Groups

Date: 21-Sep-2020, Location: Tuglak Lane Slums, New Delhi

‘Spreading Joy with our little acts.’
Distribution of books, notebooks, stationery kits, colour kits to kids at Tuglak lane Jhuggi Cluster.
The happy faces of the kids was absolutely delightful.

Sponsoring the Cook's Salary

Date: 19-Sep-2020, Location: Sai Sahara Old Home, New Delhi

Unique issues on ground, unknown to many.
SAI SAHARA OLD HOME, a shelter for 30 mentally unstable homeless and abandoned elderly(some rescued from road), faced a huge burden of feeding the elderly as the cook became unaffordable and threatened to leave.
WE DECIDED TO PLAY OUR PART by supporting the old home with the cook's salary each month.

Dry Ration Distribution

Date: 17-Sep-2020, Location: Delhi Cantt Slums

Widows, single mothers, physically challenged, jobless and old pensioners. Supporting the ones for whom livelihood has become a huge challenge.Dry ration distribution to over 100 families.

Footwear Distribution to the Poor Kids

Date: 15-Sep-2020, Location: Khasan Basti, Mayapuri

Spreading happiness by covering 500 bare feet. The pictures are the testimony.

Dry Ration For The Starving Families In Baghpat,Up

Date: 30-Aug-2020, Location: Baghpat,Up

The people of Baghpat, UP are starving to death. Without employment, the poor are finding it difficult to feed their families two decent meals. Addressing their request, JOY STORY FOUNDATION supported them with their ration needs for a month.
Fulfilling our promise to reach the poor and needy irrespective of their location.

Assisting The Elderly With Essentials, Clothes & Medical Support

Date: 16-Aug-2020, Location: Aabha Abhaas, Home for the Elderly, Najafgarh, New Delhi

AABHA ABHAAS, a home for the abandoned elderly. Ten residents, most of whom are bedridden and only two of the ten are supported by their kids. The request for support was readily accepted and extended. Assisting with medical, clothing and other needs of the elderly so that they lead a life of dignity.

Distribution Of Dry Ration In Flood Hit Bihar

Date: 12-Aug-2020, Location: Add. Bihar Dist. Kishanganj Village, Azaad Nagar

Struck by nature's fury and the massive floods, the poor and the needy of Add. Bihar dist. Kishanganj Vill. Azaad Nagar were left with no food and the ill fate was starving them to death.
Contacted by Shabbir Alam, a local reporter in Bihar, JOY STORY FOUNDATION readily supported the cause and arranged for the distribution of dry ration for a month. The happy and satisfied faces is a testimony.

Dry Ration Distribution For Migrants

Date: 08-Aug-2020, Location: Village Shikrawa, Dist. Nuh, Mewat Haryana

Hundreds of migrant families in Village Shikrawa, District Nuh, Mewat Haryana left with no work and food and the drastic situation worsened each day. Joy Story came to their rescue by distributing dry ration.
Making sure that we reach the needy and poor irrespective of where they are.

Feeding The Slums

Date: 07-Aug-2020, Location: Khazan Basti,Mayapuri

Under our Community Kitchen cause, distribution of freshly cooked nutritious food to 500 poor and needy at Khazan Basti, Mayapuri.
The least we can do to make someone joyful.

Joy Chai Sewa

Date: 01-Aug-2020, Location: Various Locations in New Delhi

On the auspicious day of EID, kickstarted our ‘JOY CHAI SEWA’, for those for whom even a cup of tea is a luxury.
Starting with 100 cups each day,intend to do 200 cups of free chai everyday.

Dry Ration For The Poor In Flood Hit Bihar

Date: 27-Jul-2020, Location: Chopta Village

The massive floods washed away their houses, their food and all their belongings.
Rescued the entire Chopta Village in Bihar with Dry Ration and food supplies for the entire month.
The least we could do to bring them out of this agonising situation.

Distribution Of Sanitary Napkins

Date: 25-Jul-2020, Location: Delhi Cantt Slums

Regular distribution of 10,000 sanitary napkins each month to many slum women. Assuring their physical health and hygiene. Because we care.

Feeding The Slums

Date: 15-Jul-2020, Location: Delhi Cantt

Distribution of nutritious food to over 500 poor, needy, labourers and homeless under our ‘Feeding the Poor’ cause. For those who are sometimes can't even have two meals a day.
Our fortnightly initiative.

Distribution Of Corona Protective Gear-Mask ,Head Caps And Gloves

Date: 13-Jul-2020, Location: Sant Nagar,Rain Basera

It's our duty to protect those who do not have resources and awareness to protect themselves. Distribution of Corona Protective gear (face masks, gloves, head caps) at Sant Nagar, Rain Basera in service collaboration with @SumanArya, Little India.

Nutritious Food For The Slums

Date: 03-Jul-2020, Location: Delhi Cantt and Sagar Pur Slums

Distribution of freshly cooked nutritious food along with cool Jeera drink to over 500 slum dwellers and poor on the street.The freshly cooked food and the drink brought smiles on a lot of faces and was truly gratifying.

Feeding The Poor Migrants

Date: 02-Jul-2020, Location: Food for migrants boarding the train to Poornia, organised at Indira Gandhi Stadium

Making sure that those who served us for years, have no livelihood now and no place to live, at least reach their native land with dignity.
Providing them with packets of juices, ors, water, biscuits, wholesome roasted grams, eatables for kids, sanitisers and masks so that at least there journey back home is comfortable.

Feeding Nutritious Food To The Poor

Date: 22-Jun-2020, Location: Peeragarhi Slums

Finding our own ways to spread Joy. We decided to distribute Butter Milk to the homeless street and slum children and brought cool respite to them from the scorching summer heat

Happy Feet

Date: 12-Jun-2020, Location: Pragati Maidan cluster and Yamuna bank

Delighted to kickstart our ‘Happy Feet Initiative’ by distributing footwear to children of different age groups at Pragati Maidan cluster and Yamuna bank.
Covering the bare feet of these kids in the summer heat was truly satisfying. Under this initiative we plan to distribute at least 500 footwear each month to the needy who do not have an access to even a basic necessity as this.

We ensured over 100,000 Free Meals Distribution to Jobless Daily Wage Worker Families during Covid-19 Lockdown

Date: 29-Mar-2020, Location: Various Slums in Delhi

Joy Story Foundation has set up a fund to support the need of freshly cooked hygienic food for daily wage workers in India which includes Daily wagers, their families, Overworked Sanitary workers, police personnel.
Phase 1-10,000 Cooked Meals
Phase 2-15,000 Cooked Meals
Phase 3-Dry Ration for a month for 250 families(250 families,3 Meals,30 days)
The initiative was carried out in collaboration with various volunteers backed by non-profit, local police authorities, social workers and municipal councillors. We have ensured responsible distribution of the meals bought by the funds while maintaining social distancing and other norms required during the lockdown.

Feeding The Poor

Date: 12-Mar-2020, Location: A Construction Site at Gurgaon

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a philosophy that tries to foster an understanding that the whole of humanity is one family and that is what JOY STORY FOUNDATION aims to propagate.
Under our Initiative- `FEED THE POOR’ we managed to do our first activity where we served freshly cooked nutritious food to approx.500 construction workers at a site in Gurgaon.
There can be nothing more benevolent then feeding the one’s who do not have access to even the basics; the migrant workers who live on meagre daily wages, just enough to support their less then basic livelihood.
Our intent to spread `JOY’ is enlarging each day and we are happy that we were able to bring smiles on hundreds of faces today.

Distribution of Sanitary Napkins

Date: 07-Mar-2020, Location: Delhi Cantt Slum Hutment

Distribution of Sanitary Napkins- On the eve of Women’s Day JOY STORY FOUNDATION through its campaign ‘SAFE DOTS’ took the first step in impacting Women’s life in a true manner.
Sanitary Pad distribution drive was organised in a Delhi Cantt Slums where sanitary pads were distributed to over 700 women. This was the first in our monthly series of adopting 1000 women across Delhi and improving their standard of living.
So far i.e., till the end of June, 50,000 sanitary Napkins have been distributed. "Making things like basic health and hygiene accessible to one and all.”

Distribution of Joy Stationery Kits

Date: 15-Feb-2020, Location: Chesire Home, Delhi

Joy Story Foundation in its endeavor to bring smiles to many faces met over 70+ physically and mentally challenged kids of the age group 5-18 years at Chesire Home, Opp. Holy Family Hospital, Delhi. It was heart-warming to see the kids who are fighting with physical and mental challenges being physically handicapped, mentally ill, austistic and suffering from cerebral palsy, coping with medical treatments but still happy and cheerful on receiving the Joy stationery kits.

Distribution of Joy Color Kits

Date: 22-Jan-2020, Location: Kalawati Hospital,Delhi

Joy Story Foundation’s another attempt to spread Joy and bring smiles to over 100 critically ill, poor kids of the age group 5-10 years at Kalawati Saran Children Hospital(Lady Harding Medical College).A real heart-touching experience to see the kids fighting with diseases like Cancer,Thealisimia, other Chronic diseases, coping with surgeries but still gleaming with glow seeing the Joy coloring kits.

Distribution Of Blankets

Date: 19-Jan-2020, Location: Delhi Cantt-slum hutments

Our first mass activity held at a Delhi Cantonment slum area with a blanket donation drive. A depleted area of 6000 hutments hidden from the main road is home to poor, deprived people.
The results and impact are here to see!
Employees of Evolve Brands volunteered to manage the activity.

Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019