We are a non-profit organization registered under section 8, Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.
We practice values of collective philanthropy and transparency to promote the cause of promoting joy both amongst donors as well as the beneficiaries, thus connecting the dots to make the world more balanced, joyful and better place for everyone.
We are a collective philanthropy platform wherein we intend to engage large masses of people to converge on an identified cause and nurture it to bring it to a joyful beginning.
You will see many others like you who would join in to support and donate to Joy Story as we practice complete transparency in what we collect, how much we collect, what we spend..
And yes, we have strived to make your donor experience more easier with a mobile app which rests on your phone and you can conveniently donate via various payment mechanisms, track our progress and see impact with our joy stories.
We leave this discretion to you. We did our best to curate these causes basis what is the gap that exists. We would be happy with what appeals to you.
We spend your money in three distinct ways.
Firstly, to the beneficiary directly after validating the need, cause and long term impact it would have on his/her socio-economic existence.
Secondly, we partner with NGO’s who have the proximity to the cause but do not have access to money. We validate their requests with an on-ground audit team and then support them
Third, we strive to make a difference to various communities which exist around us that we can impact. This is a herculean effort and we ensure that our impact does not criss-cross with other social development organizations and government.
We shall operate on a pan-India basis. We can extend help wherever it is required irrespective of geography, cause, caste, gender and community.
If you are a donor with us, we shall send you the details on how and where your donations are spent. That would be a barometer to know how and where we reach out to extend help and joy thereby extending complete transparency. We do not encourage sharing further details.
We do not classify the donation amount as big or small. Every Rupee matters. However we have kept a lowly balance of Rs.100 to start with. We urge you to keep donations more frequent rather than making them large.
We also request you to spread the word amongst your family and friends so that more people can join us in creating joyful stories.
Your PAN no. is required only when your donations cross Rs. 50,000 per financial year. In other cases your registration details suffice for us to provide transparency to the government on our donation corpus.
Transparency in our operations is what we promise. You will see a live dashboard of how much we collect when you donate for any cause you are contributing and the total donations we have received. This is updated in real-time.
Also, every cause you donate to, tells you beforehand as to how many donors are you joining to support that particular cause.
Lastly, once we spend your donation, we send you a fulfillment report as to how your money was spent and the impact it created.
We are a asset light model of non-profit. We don’t take salaries, issue dividends, operate out of our homes, current offices and are hence low on costs. We believe we will be able to extend over 100% of your money to your desired beneficiary cause.
Prior to you register, your app logs in with a one-time password, send on your mobile. Thereafter, we seek your name, email and contact details. This is a one-time effort. Thereafter, you are identified by your mobile no.
Of course yes. The moment you feel confident that we are doing a great job, you can spread your desired donations to multiple causes
We have a wide variety of payment mechanisms to pay. We accept credit cards, debit cards, Net banking, UPI and popular Mobile wallets. Suit yourself how you wish to support.
We follow the most stringent regulations with secure servers for hosting our app. We have partnered with Mastercard backed Razor Pay as our payment gateway partner which offer highest level of encryption security to process your payments.
Also as per RBI rules, your account and payment information is not saved on our app or servers. You do not have to worry.
Yes, your contribution history is available to you in your profile section
Yes you have the option to donate on our website as well. Just use your mobile no. to identify yourself and we shall help you access your same mobile account.
Yes, absolutely. Every contribution we receive will email you a receipt. And you get it every time irrespective of amount and no. of times you contribute.
Only Indian nationals residing in India or abroad can donate from Indian bank accounts for the time being. We do not accept foreign donations.
We are in midst of receiving Section 80G tax exemption certificate. Till that time, please bear with us..
Don’t worry, we will issue you a duplicate receipt. Just email us at info@joystoryfoundation.org and we shall revert
Your certificate will be sent to you on your registered email.
We only accept monetary donations at the moment. However, we will soon come with a supplementary product to accept donations in kind.
We appreciate your support. We would be actively looking for volunteers who can support to spread our cause to maximize donations and reach out to those who are in dire need for help. Write to us at info@joystoryfoundation.org and we shall touch base with you.
Please refer to contact us section on our mobile app. You will find multiple ways to reach out to us.

Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019