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Feeding the Birds and Stray Animals

Humans, birds, animals and many more species, whether on earth, sea or sky, are all creations of God. For Him all are alike and dear and He makes sure that each one of His creations receive the best and enough to survive.

But unfortunately the selfish humans, who are considered to be the most intelligent and the most powerful, have taken over the natural habitat of even the other beings, because of their ever-incresing greed. We are cutting the forests, taking the land from the sea, even blasting the mountains just to expand our own habitat, never realising the damage we are causing to the nature and other living creatures.

In addition to all this, Covid-19 has worsedned the situation for the stray animals and birds. With no one to feed, these birds and the stray animals are in a bad state.

Along with serving the poor and needy humans, JOY STORY FOUNDATION now takes it on its shoulders the responsibility of feeding the birds and the stray animals (specifically cattle, dogs and cats) under its ‘FEEDING THE BIRDS AND STRAY ANIMALS CAUSE.’

With this cause we wish to install water and seed feeders at various points for the birds and feed the cattle, dogs and cats on the roads with their respective food needs.

We are aware that there are many birds and animal lovers who are keen to do this but are not able to do the desirable because of various practical constraints.

Joy Story Foundation is glad to create such a platform where all the animal lovers can fulfil their wish by donating on this cause and see that their love for birds & animals is fulfilled. Support us in this noble cause, which needs dire attention and help us care for the well-being of other creatures too.






Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019