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Gift an upcycled Denim JOY KIT to a poor School going child

At just Rs. 200 per combo kit comprising of a denim school bag, denim footwear a denim case.

This Teacher’s Day, create a teaching opportunity for yourself by giving this Joy Kit, along with the knowledge of its meaningfulness to the children at home, schools and streets!

Introducing this lovely looking, zero waste eco-friendly recycled denim school kit, that rewards everyone involved in every step of it, from creation to consumption, making it reach its purposefulness to the fullest!

Launched in collaboration with SOLECRAFT, a textile social enterprise into up-cycling initiatives. They reuse discarded pieces of denim to reproduce eco-friendly school kits and comfortable footwear for children.

Touching Lives- It not only gives new life to the wasted material, it also gives income opportunity to the collectors involved in denim collection drives and to the women artisans behind the making of such attractive line of products.

While we aim to distribute these school kits to hundreds of under-privileged children to motivate them to go to school; we also encourage and invite schools, parents and educationists to come forward and support this soulfully crafted product by Solecraft for their children and students too.






Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019