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Ensuring Urban Slum kids have a better eyesight with spectacles for a better future

The Plan:

Indian slum kids population is going through a transition. With focus on primary education, the need for better eyesight is an immediate need. The varied surveys estimate that 50% of slum school children have a weak eyesight which hampers their education and daily life. We have decided to own up the mission to partner with Ophthalmic Eye Care centres to identify such children and provide necessary eye correction procedures and spectacles to improvise their conditions.

Each low cost spectacles cost approx. Rs. 350 while a corrective surgery of a major ailment costs after discounting approx. Rs. 25000. We are starting with the spectacles project and shall progress as this cause entices attention. This would be an ongoing project and has already started in New Delhi slums.






Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019