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Give out books/study/writing material to children and Toys & Games to Kids

Can you imagine you or your kids spending their childhood without storybooks? How dull would it be without those glossy, colorful storybooks which were and will always be essential for bedtime? How do you dream about fairy tales without getting a chance to read one? But unfortunately, this is the harsh reality for most kids living below the poverty line.

We at “JoyStory” believe that every child has a right to dream, a right which can be fulfilled by giving them access to attractive study material, which can help them dream, learn and give them wings to fly.

With every joyful moment that you enjoy in your own life, think of these poor kids who are deprived of books, toys and many other playful things and join us to help in brightening their lives. With your little sharing, these children get the magic of reading books and playing with toys, which may be of least relevance to you but are priceless for these poor kids who may not be able to read but can at least enjoy the beauty of the colorful visuals.






Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019