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Naira Chopra Birthday Fundraiser

Support JOY PATHSHAALA - Informal learning centres for slum kids

Hello My Dear Ones,

My name is Naira Chopra and I am celebrating my 7th Birthday on 2nd October 2022.

Me and my family have decided to dedicate my birthday to support the wonderful cause of educating the slum children.

Support me and Gift me a donation to enable unschooled slum children study for elementary learning at JOY STORY PAATHSALA.

Here are the details of the cause:

JOY PATHSHAALA’s- informal learning centres for the slum kids; an attempt to bring them transition to formal education.

The Plan:

Two JOY PATHSHALA’s in Delhi Mayapuri railway line slums are already in action and we plan to open 3 more in coming months. Each Joy Pathshaala educates 25 slum kids who are deprived and for some social, economic reason have missed the school. We seek support from you to bring these kids to get accustomed to elementary education and then enable them to transfer them to mainstream schools.

Each school costs include Local Literate yet unemployed Educators, Infra, Stationary material, Books, Snacks

The Problem we are solving:

  • No concept of pre-school for slum children
  • As a result - No early motivation for school
  • Schools are at a distance- working parents unable/can't afford to arrange school transport/escort
  • Migratory parents in search of work often leave education & schooling agenda for kids

The Solution:

  • Setup micro format informal playschools to develop education affinity
  • Schools near their homes
  • Harness the power of unemployed neighborhood educators
  • A-40 week program which makes them like school ; build affinity via informal play and learn method
  • Work on the migration from play schools to schools with a structured reporting and monitoring method

The Expected Impact

  • Enable these children to transfer them to mainstream education. Eight children have already been admitted to schools run by Government.
  • Deploy slum-kids to Early learning
  • Give parents confidence that schooling is better to change things around for future
  • Provide unemployed an opportunity to earn for a better living





Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019