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Help Build Toilets/Sanitation Facilities/Cleaner habitat

Sanitation and toilets are basic necessities that ensure and promote health of people in developing nations. The importance of effective sanitation systems and toilets at large helps to reduce the spread of diseases and assists in promoting a clean environment.

JoyStory has identified various beneficiaries in this area and aims to work closely in providing and building toilets/sanitation facilities, especially to in rural areas. Having toilets in the vicinity, community or homes brings in self-pride, security and hygiene and helps people to lead a healthy life. Moreover, in the modern world we live in, this is a basic necessity each house should be equipped with.

So join hands with the JoyStory to support a cause that can help in Nation Building and creating a cleaner environment, which is the biggest cause of concern in today’s time.






Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019