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Help Conduct a Sight Care campaign/Nutritional Programs for Poor school going children

A successful nation is the one that has healthy young children because they are the future of the country and are the ones who can take the nation to another level. So having a healthy young population is a major cause. JoyStory, with its broad vision, wants to run various programs for raising awareness on the importance of healthy vision, healthy body and nutritional food for the growing population, especially among the poor. This can help them lead a healthy life and be able to excel in whatever they do so that they grow up as healthy adults and support the nation’s development.

As far as sight care is concerned, there is dearth of qualified eye care professionals and facilities, particularly in rural regions. In India there is just one optometrist for every 25,000 people and the nearest optician is often over 30 kms away. This is the reason 550 million people have an uncorrected poor vision which negatively impacts their lives and the economy at large. According to surveys, it costs the country an estimate of $37 billion in lost productivity every year.

There is a direct link between poor nutrition and problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Low-quality diets are also associated with micronutrient deficiencies.

With its initiative to create an efficient younger generation, JoyStory requests each one to spread the Joy of a healthy life all around and help in Nation’s development productively.






Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019