Joy Story Foundation transforms Babloo barber's life by enabling him to multiply his income!

  • Name :Babloo
  • Location :New Delhi
  • Help Amount :Rs. 5000,One Time

Livelihood Challenge

A skilled barber in New Delhi lost his Job due to the business closure leaving his two mentally disabled Kids and family In turmoil.

How Joy Story extended help

He was mentored by the Joy Story’s marketing team on customer handling skills and motivated him to be a “Barber-On-Call”
Additionally, he was extended help of Rs.5000 to buy the gadgets and gear to be presentable and seamlessly perform his job.


In a year’s time, Babloo earns three times of his last drawn salary and works just four hours a day as against 10 hrs earlier, leaving him enough time to do other odd jobs contributing to his income and taking care of his kids.
He attends to over 100 customers at their homes providing haircuts, hair wash, body massages and pedicures on a varied frequency and is a happily accomplished person.

Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019