Joy Story Foundation assists a Juice Seller, rendered unemployed by Covid-19 to earn a decent livelihood.

  • Name :Raj Kumar
  • Location :New Delhi
  • Help Amount :Regular Monthly Income

Livelihood Challenge

Raj Kumar, a juice seller by profession, lost his work and income because of the lockdown in Covid-19. He exhausted all his resources for the family of five during the three months and was caught up in an extremely difficult situation.

How Joy Story extended help

Raj Kumar was left with no money to restart his Juice shop after the lockdown and desperately needed a source of income to feed his family. Joy Story spotted him and employed him for its JOY CHAI SEWA, where he agreed to prepare 100 cups of tea (to begin with) each day and distribute it to the poor, needy and homeless on streets.


Raj Kumar earns a decent amount each month and is happy to help us in this noble cause which will be scaled up to 200 and more cups in times to come. This also helps Joy Story to render two noble causes simultaneously-assisting an individual in livelihood and distribution of free chai to the poor.

Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019