Joy Story ensured Four intellectually challenged kids go to school.

  • Location :Students of SAMVEDNA INSTITUTE, New Delhi
  • Help Amount :Rs.5000 & Rs.5200 each respectively

Education Challenge

Sons of a gardener, a driver, a house servant and a peon, all the four are intellectually challenged kids. Loss of work and income of their parents made it difficult for them to pay their examination fees.This implied that they will not be able to give their examination and would further lag behind in comparison to the other kids of their age group.

How Joy Story extended help

Joy Story identified the case and offered to sponsor the fee of these four kids for this academic session.


Touched by the painful story of these Intellectually challenged kids who are fighting their battles in life because of their disabilities, Joy Story Foundation made sure that there is no break in their education and they duly appear in their examinations to reach the next level.

Joy Story Foundation is a section-8, non-profit organization founded in November 2019